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INR 22.65
PKR 75.83
NPR 36.31
PHP 15.92
BDT 29.81
LKR 82.69
KES 34.60
UGX 1011
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WPS - Our Wage Protection Services is the best compliant payroll solution. It always guarantees the employees under this program are paid on time and have the freedom of withdrawing salary as per their convenience.

The system, developed by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates, allows the Ministry of Labor to create a database that records wage payments in the private sector to guarantee the timely and full payment of agreed-upon wages

We are authorised by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates to carry out the wage protection system payroll services

AL Dahab Exchange – WPS C3 Card is powered by Master Card, which offers value addition and convenience to our customers.

  • ATM card powered by Master Card.
  • 1 withdrawal in a calendar month is FREE from any C3 & RAKBANK ATM machines.
  • EMV-CHIP & PIN card for ensuring maximum security (password protected).
  • Card validity for 7 Years.
  • Cash withdrawals across the globe.
  • No hidden charges applicable.
  • POS transactions globally - can be used as a debit card at different merchant locations.